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  • 'Violetta' - This gothic wall wreath was tatted in purple cotton thread and features a black ribbon bow with black ribbon wrapped around the creation. It is 5 inches in diameter.

  • 'Rosetta' - This coaster was created in foxglove purple cotton thread. It is very durable and can be hand washed. Available in sets and in other colours in my Etsy shop.


  • 'Eva' - These napkin rings were tatted in a durable red cotton thread. They will last for years. Available in other colours. 

  • 'Rosetta' - This version was created In black cotton thread.


  • 'Valencia' - These napkin rings feature my heart design and were tatted in red cotton thread. Available in other colours.

  • 'Marion' - These medieval inspired coasters were tatted in black and red cotton threads.